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REGISTRATION IS CLOSED  To attend the online sessions you can go to the Agenda and click on the ‘Join Stream’. If you want to watch the recordings of past sessions, click on ‘Watch Video’.

UNI.MINDS is a unique online festival created to #innovatetogether.

Joining academia and business with a focus on European and world development trends, activities and expertise of the two largest universities in Slovenia. The goal of the festival is to build an innovation community, create long-term partnerships and share knowledge for a better future.

The main events will focus on key topics:

Healthy Future: Gene and Cell Therapy, Drug Discovery, Health & ICT
Smart Future: Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Business 
Sustainable Future: Sustainable and Community Driven Cities and Villages,
Sustainable Energy, Soil and Water Health


University of Ljubljana, Knowledge Transfer Office

University of Maribor, Knowledge Transfer Office